Gniezno Narrow Gauge Railway

Gniezno Key Facts

  • Gauge: 750mm
  • Operating Length: 34km
  • Total Length: 38km
  • Status: Operating
  • Location:

2015 Timetables - (Archive)

Unfortunately due to a theft of rail bolts and chairs, the planned trains on 4, 6, 13 and 14 June have been cancelled while the line is repaired. Normal services are expected to resume on Saturday 20 June.

In summer 2015, tourist trains will run from Gniezno to Ostrowo Stare every Saturday and Sunday from 20 June to 30 August. On peak summer Saturdays and Sundays from 4 July to 16 August, an additional return train from Witkowo to Ostrowo will run. See the timetables below.

On Saturday 16 May two trains ran from Gniezno to Niechanowo for 'Dni Pary'. The first train departed Gniezno at 15:00 and returned at 16:20. The second was an evening train departing Gniezno at 20:00 and returning at 21:10. The trains were part of a wider event from 14 - 17 May involving special trains from Poznan and tours of the standard gauge locomotive roundhouse. See the Dni Pary website.

On Sunday 31 May, a train ran from Gniezno to Niechanowo for Children's Day, departing Gniezno at 16:00, and returning there for an evening barbecue at 17:30.

The Ostrowo to Anastazewo section is currently closed for repair following damage in summer 2010, so trains will terminate at Ostrowo Stare until further notice, as shown in the timetable.

Full list of stations: Gniezno Wąskotorowe, Ogród Wiktorii, Żelazkowo, Niechanowo, Witkowo, Powidz, Plaża Wojskowa, Przybrodzin, Ostrowo Las, Ostrowo Stare, Anastazewo.

Summer 2015 Timetable

Runs every Saturday and Sunday
from 20 June to 30 August
(Note 1 = Runs from 4 July to 16 August only)

Gniezno Wąsk10:00
Plaża Wojskowa11:5814:3816:03
Ostrowo Las12:0914:4816:13
Ostrowo Stare12:1614:5616:21

Ostrowo Stare12:3015:0516:28
Ostrowo Las12:3815:1316:36
Plaża Wojskowa12:4915:2416:47
Gniezno Wąsk18:43