Śmigiel Narrow Gauge Railway

2015 Timetables

Trains ran on the following days in 2015:

2014 Timetables

Trains ran on the following days in 2014:

The station building at Wielichowo has been repaired and the track in front of it restored (photo gallery), offering hope that trains may start running the full length of the line again soon.

Market Day Timetable - April 2014

Runs on Wednesdays in April

Żegrówko 09:5313:33
Żegrowo 09:5813:38
Nowa Wieś10:0413:44
Śmigiel Zachód 10:0813:48
Śmigiel 08:0010:1411:3013:54
Nietążkowo Szkoła 08:0311:33
Nietążkowo 08:0511:35
Robaczyn 08:1011:40
Stare Bojanowo08:1511:45

Stare Bojanowo08:3011:50
Robaczyn 08:3511:55
Nietążkowo 08:4012:00
Nietążkowo Szkoła 08:4212:02
Śmigiel 08:4508:5012:0513:00
Śmigiel Zachód 08:5613:06
Nowa Wieś09:0013:10
Żegrowo 09:0613:16
Żegrówko 09:1113:21

2013 Timetables

Tourist trains ran on the following days in 2013:

2012 Timetables

Tourist trains ran on the following days in 2012:

2011 Timetables

On 7 February 2011 a special train ran from Stare Bojanowo to Śmigiel for a charter group from the UK, using railbus MBxd2-226.

The Śmigiel railway was without an operator for most of 2011, until a new local authority-owned operator was created towards the end of the year.

2010 Timetables

SKPL ran a regular public transport service of passenger trains and freight until 31 December 2010, when SKPL withdrew from operating the service due to a financial dispute with the Śmigiel local government, particularly the decision of the council to charge SPKL property tax, which led to a significant operating loss for the year.